The Fortnight : Tunisia-Canada Municipal Exchanges

More than 250 people from both sides of the Atlantic (and elsewhere) participated in The Fortnight : Tunisia-Canada Municipal Exchanges in May 2021. Whether or not you were able to attend, we invite you to consult the summaries provided for each workshop, which present highlights of discussions, links to resources and recordings of the event.

Workshop 1 : Launch of The Fortnight: Canada-Tunisia Municipal Exchanges

Workshop 2 : A Tea in the Medina: The Joys and Challenges of Women Elected Officials

Workshop 3 : Lessons Learned: Resilient Municipalities Respond to Crises

Workshop 4 : Good Practices: Inclusive Municipal Management

Workshop 5 : At the Campfire: How Associations and Networks Support Gender Equality

Workshop 6 : Conversations at the Café : Learning and Innovations

Workshop 7 : Closing of The Fortnight : Charter for the Right to the City