14 December 2021

"Since I started working at the municipality, my foremost concern has been developing the geographic information system in the region. I started receiving training by Libyan experts. Then, the International Center for Innovative Local Governance CILG VNG International gave me the opportunity to be trained by very qualified experts who guided us in mastering this

20 December 2021

A 28-year old mother of three children, has been elected to the municipal council, in Zolton, since 2014. After studying Law and International Relations, Faiza started looking for a job, in 2012, while also being active in civil society. When it was time for the municipal elections in 2013, Faiza’s father, a civil servant, encouraged

22 December 2021

A 49-year old mother of three children, is a civil society activist in Zouara and a former elected official of her municipality. A natural therapist for 20 years, Zitouna has also worked as a lawyer for several years. In 2014, a female friend of hers gave her the idea to run for the first municipal